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Water Solutions for Santa Cruz County

Welcome to Water Solutions for Santa Cruz County.  This website is dedicated finding the best solutions to insure a safe, sustainable supply of water for all residents.  I have included five, (5), plans, which are:

Recycle: Building an Advanced Recycle Treatment Plant and connecting pipelines from Santa Cruz to Watsonville supplying water to injection wells and irrigation services.

Storm Aquarries: Collecting high storm flows and storing and treating the water at the abandoned sand quarries between Felton and Scotts Valley.

Conservation Savings Accounts: High incentives for homeowners to install and pay for conservation improvements on their properties.

Reservoirs: Construct a reservoir in each Supervisoral District which would function, and be similar to District 5's Loch Lomond.

Water Skate Parks: Construct storm water dam, similar to the storm aquarry plan, but treat the water to potable degree and store into distribution system storage tanks or concrete reservoirs. This facility would be open as a skateboard park outside of the rain season.

Criteria used for best design are:

Environmental Harm- (Minimize).
Cost- (Minimize). 
Effectiveness- (Maximize).
Economic Benefits- (Maximize).
Recreational Opportunities- (Maximize).

Any comments or criticisms are very, very, welcomed.  Please submit to: bill@billsmallman.com.   This brainstorming has helped a tremendous amount to develop what you see here today.  In addition, if you support the development of these plans, please contact your representatives. 

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