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Day Two after getting elected I will work to create a Board of Economic Development. This will be one of about 25 other advisory boards the County already maintains. This Board will be a negligible cost to the taxpayer, paying meeting stipends to its members. People who would be appointed to this Board shall be business professionals. They shall direct the current Economic Development Department's Staff. This will provide a higher level of transparency and for a more effective Department to serve the community. Among the numerous tasks this Board shall be involved with:

1. Evaluate services and budgets with all the various departments of the County and provide recommendation to the Supervisors to make them more effective and/or helpful for the economy.

2. Participate and schedule social networking events with all of the local Chambers of Commerce.

3. Evaluate and promote vocational job training in our local schools.

4. Invite outside businesses to relocate and create more jobs.

5. Develop any other proposal to boost economy and create more jobs.