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We do not have many 1/2 sales tax opportunities, so we better be very careful the money goes 100% for real solutions. Bruce McPherson supports a highly wasteful spending of the $450 million proposed November tax measure which fully support of the "TRAIN BOONDOGGLE". It wastes $68 million on this parallel road needed for the bike path, which has to be setback 20' from the tracks. Much of the tracks a smack dab in the middle of the easement. That "road" has to be completely ripped out and rebuilt over to the other side. If you go along with this, you can expect more tax measures in order to build this Train, which basically has minority of people who would actually use the train and be better served with an improved METRO bus system.

I do not believe people realize what the recently purchased railroad corridor is going to look like, after spending millions of our money. Essentially, to us Civil Engineers, the bike path and the train, require a road. A structure, underneath, to support it. Problem is, the existing tracks a in the middle of the easment, so they will have to be completely removed and rebuilt to one side. The opposite side cleared and leveled for the "road" for the bike path. The photos above are of the existing tracks covered by an asphalt surface, and will cost a fraction of the cost with no effect on the environment. The proposed, Rail + Trail, will have hugh impact on the landscape, leveling up to 100' wide, taking out existing tree lined landscaped as shown on the pictures above. Passenger rail is great, where it works. Here it does not. The train cars partially full, with a 14 million dollar tab to keep it running every year. Bruce McPherson voted on a tax measure to support a funding a 127 million bike path, which is parallel to the tracks, preserving them, and not necessary. Over removed tracks, the bike path is far superior, and at a fraciton of the cost of YOUR MONEY!



An easy solution:

1. Draft two new Tax Measures, one directed at Highway One, the other, with all the improvements which are very cost effective, including building the picture on the left. It will also cover improving METRO and all other improvements we need much more than a TRAIN BOONDOGGLE!

2. Address the concerns of the "Anti-Widening" group, which I agree with. Their main, basic, argurment is that we will spend this enormous amount of money, (might be as much as $600 K), widening the Highway, and several years in the future, the gridlock will happen from more cars. More cars can only come from two,2, sources.

They will tell you that there are some provisions in the Measure that you won’t like, but you have to pass it anyway otherwise we will have nothing.  They are unable to craft a Measure, which the majority will agree on, which does not waste any money and/or fixes the problem(s) permanently. So, a vote for McPherson includes having the congestion on Highway 1, and continuing and finding additional funding for bike paths when we could save our money thrown in the firebox of this train. 

If elected, I will have a measure drafted that isolates the Highway 1 issue. We need to address the Anti-Widening contingent's concerns, which I happen to agree with. They would support widening if the highway did not simply fill up with cars after spending a lot of money for widening. More cars, they claim, would come from two reasons. One is urban sprawl. Basically, the relieved congestion will attract more growth. Second, because the congestion will be relieved, locals will start driving more simply because before they avoided driving at those times during commute hours. I have solutions to these problems, and the anti-widening group will no longer have anything to support their argument, and this Measure will pass:

1. Urban Sprawl: The new Water District will have the power to limit the number of water service connections. There will still be room for some more growth, however this District will create a sustainable water model, capable of withstanding a severe drought, and the discussion of exactly how many people we believe is sustainable in the County, and what future generations will see. Now, we completely ignore this problem, do nothing, and punish the commuters who sit in this traffic with idling polluting cars when they could get home an hour sooner.

2. I don't believe locals will drive more just because the congestion is relieved. However, if this is true, there are other ways to solve this problem. One is to make the Highway either have express lanes or make it a toll road. Commuters would pay for Fastrack type beacons that will permit access on the freeway during critical times. The new 32-mile long Bike Path will help enormously for the locals tempted to drive; they will take a bike instead.

With both of these proposals in place. A measure will be drafted to include Cal Trans recommended Tier 1 &2 improvements and the congestion will be gone! PROBLEM SOLVED!

McPherson's supported moronic Tax Measure also includes what I call the TRAIN BOONDOGGLE! The proposed train has no freight to haul, not a major commute route and not in a densely populated area like San Jose, where passenger train does work. On their admission, the RTC stated that it does NOTHING to end HWY1 congestion. I ask anyone to either go down and walk the tracks or look at online pictures or videos of the corridor. Have the 3 photo sketches with you showing the setback distances. The path, over removed tracks, is very easy to envision. Just imagine the tracks as an asphalt bike back and compacted sandy clay pedestrian trail. No one would argue this would be absolutely magnificent.

Now, it’s harder to envision Rail + Trail, but let’s try. The land will have to leveled and cleared about 40 feet wide flat.  This is a massive land clearing operation.  You will no doubt notice that much of the tracks are smack dab in the middle of the easement. Those tracks will have to be completely removed, i.e. tracks, ties, sub-grade, and rebuilt over to one side. The same construction needed bike path on the opposite side. Not only will this be extremely ugly, it will be very expensive. They have no engineered drawings, and are basically lying to you that the tab will be 125 million, which is not an accurate estimate; it’s a “guesstimate”.

Believe me, as a 25 + year senior heavy construction estimator, I’m qualified to make that call. In addition, they studied the amount of ridership, and they determined that it would require up to an additional 14.7 million every year to operate and maintain.  An enormous amount of your money could go to more effective transportation causes then to get wasted with this plan.

The alternative is to have the 32-mile long bike path/pedestrian trail for 25 million built over removed tracks.  So, using their 125 million guesstimate, we can save over 100 million to build bike paths all over the county, including ones that we need in District Five. That is why we need to oppose this Measure!

If elected I will support the restructuring the Transportation Commission so that its only job is to work for the locals, and not theirs or the State's agenda. Finally, my "Recycle Plan" requires not using the corridor for the train. Large water mains are not allowed going along RR tracks because a blowout could lead to a catastrophic derailment. My "Recycle Plan" solves all water issues for coastal residents, and they do not need to steal any more water out of our District, which they are planning. The poorly designed Felton Diversion Dam will be removed, (Pat Liteky smiling in his casket), and replaced with a flood control pump station/fish viewer, improving, not harming the fish habitat, (see my "Storm Aquarries" plan).

So, what are you waiting for? VOTE SMALLMAN, and get 'er DONE!